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Guiding Principles

We expect staff and parent commitment to and support of Hoover’s Guiding Principles.


  • We provide a structured, teacher-facilitated, student-centered instructional program, based on state and district-mandated standards. We emphasize the mastery of basic skills, inspire curiosity and creativity, and enable students to build a solid foundation for academic success.

  • We provide a variety of opportunities for students to increase the depth of their learning and the complexity of their thinking.

  • We maintain high expectations and utilize proven best practices in order to maximize each student's potential and facilitate the achievement of academic excellence.

  • We emphasize individual accountability as a key ingredient of a student's academic achievement.

  • We promote the development of autonomous learners, i.e. students who have good communication skills and study habits, are organized, and work independently.

School Environment

  • We emphasize the importance of the social and emotional growth of each child.

  • We provide a safe, active, focused learning environment with clear academic and behavioral rules and uninterrupted instructional time.

  • We expect parental involvement in each child’s personal and academic growth.

  • We expect cooperation, communication, and respect among all members of our community.