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Dear Families,

It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that I welcome you to Hoover!  Quality learning is not an accident; it is our intentions, our attention, our energy and our efforts that work in combination to create the best opportunities in learning for all of our children. It is the strong partnership between our home and school communities. It is the commitment on the part of our staff to provide the best possible learning experiences for each of our students, our parent/guardian/PTA community to support and enhance student learning opportunities, Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) to fund the supplementary staff and initiatives necessary to sustain the exceptional quality of our school programs, and our students themselves to grow their brains and do their best learning in school each day. Finally, it is the collaborative synergy of our staff and Site Council that allow us to assure that cohesive, standards-based best instructional practices, programs, and curricula are present in our classrooms, along with our PTA and PiE, who so generously fund our efforts that create optimum conditions for students to realize their unique potential.

It is my honor to be the principal of this exceptional school, and I invite you to learn more about our programs, strategies, and values within the pages of this website.

With kind regards,

Nikole Manou