Hoover is driven to continuously improve. Each year, Hoover challenges itself with goals across academics, safety, and social emotional learning. The School Site Council (SSC) is the group of teachers, parents, and staff that works with the principal to develop, review and evaluate the "Single Plan for Student Achievement" (SPSA). The SPSA lays out Hoover's goals for improvement for that year. Read the 2017-2018 plan here.

For parents, the School Site Council is a great way to contribute to Hoover and it is a rare opportunity to interact with teachers, staff, and principal. The SSC meets monthly and often brings in guests from the district to explain and discuss topical and relevant issues.

Want to be part of Hoover's School Site Council?  Email co-chairs Davy Lee or Celeste Deggeller.  Site council members are elected by their peers.

Site Council Membership 2017-18

Jim Sherman


Davy Lee

Parent Co-Chair

Celeste Deggeller

Teacher Co-Chair

Kristin Howell

Teacher Representative

Rachel Milliken-Weitzman

Teacher Representative

Muthu Krishnan

Parent Representative

Payal Krishnan

Parent Representative

Zhou Qing

Parent Representative