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The Library

Check out our Parent Training Video

And visit our Hoover Library website

Hoover Library provides access to stories and information. Stories and information can make a world of difference. Students will visit the Hoover Library once a week, all year long. Here they will:

  • Participate in literacy, information literacy and digital citizenship lessons with a credentialed Teacher Librarian
  • Practice academic choice by selecting their own reading material to bring home

Students practice lifelong good habits in the library such as:

  • Responsibly keeping a healthy library account with no overdue fees
  • Safely caring for library materials
  • Respectfully returning their books as they finish them
  • Responsibly handling any problems that may arise (such as a lost or damaged book) by communicating honestly and promptly

Parents and caregivers can help children by:

  • Reading with your child every night
  • Designating a place at home to store library books
  • Encouraging your child to place books in backpack the evening before library visit
  • Support your child's book selections. Ask your child why and how she chose the book she chose. Read it with her

The Hoover Community supports the Hoover Library. All of our books, technology, resources and supplies are purchased with funds provided by:

  • Hoover PTA
  • Hoover School Site Council
  • Lost Book Fund (write check to PAUSD for a lost book)

All the support you give these tremendous organizations ripples to the Hoover Library. Thank you! If you can help beyond supporting these tremendous organizations, please consider volunteering in the library during your child's class visit.

For further questions please contact the school librarian.