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Daily Schedule

  • Campus is open at 7:45 am for morning arrival.
  • Start time for all grades is 8 AM. The warning bell rings at 7:55 AM.
  • All students who are late need to go to the office for a late slip. The dismissal times for each grade are listed below. Please pick up your children promptly.
  • Parents of students who are consistently dropped off earlier than 7:45 a.m. or picking up late will receive formal notification by the school office.
  Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri Wed & Minimum Days
Start Time 8:00am 8:00am
Dismissal (K) 11:45am (until 10/7)
2:05pm (from 10/11)
11:45am (until 10/7)
1:10pm (from 10/11)
Dismissal (1-3) 2:05pm 1:10pm
Dismissal (4-5) 2:30pm 1:10pm

Minimum days are 9/2/22, 12/22/22, 3/31/23, 6/1/23